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Guitar Songs and Music


Have you ever had a problem with the lack of good music? Do you wish you were able to listen to great guitar music whenever you want and wherever you want? Is your phone in need of cool new music to play? If you are a true guitar music lover and if guitar sounds soothe you, Guitar Songs and Music app is what you really need!Some of you play the guitar, some were lazy to learn how to play it, but there is no doubt that all of you would like to hear some good guitar sounds and guitar songs. This app might just be motivating enough for you to learn to play guitar! Acoustic guitar songs, electric guitar, classical guitar music, Spanish guitar music, flamenco guitar – it doesn't matter which one you prefer, because we got it all! Find the secret chord and enjoy listening to these great classical guitar songs and best acoustic guitar songs. Take a break from boring daily life and treat yourself with this effective music therapy, because Guitar Songs and Music app is full of calming music, guitar songs and awesome instrumental music. Let the strings touch your soul and make you happy and calm.
- Listen to guitar songs instantly and enjoy- Background music - you can let it play in background and open other apps- Install guitar music app on SD card- High quality audio recordings - collection of the best, hand-picked calming music and Spanish guitar songs- Online mode only (Wi-Fi recommended)- Add to Favorites- Set timer to automatically stop the guitar music
Acoustic GuitarWe have collected the best acoustic guitar songs just for you. Enjoy listening to them!
Classical GuitarCalming sounds of classical guitar songs are waiting for you. Come and get them!
Electric GuitarWill you really be able to resist the awesome sound of electric guitar? We don't think so. Download the app and listen to the best electric guitar songs we picked.
Bass GuitarYeah, bass too. If you are looking for good guitar sound played by great musicians. Search no more, because you found it and it's only a tap away!
Spanish GuitarHot rhythm of flamenco guitar, soothing sounds of Spanish guitar songs; there is nothing else you need when you wish for guitar music.
Let the good music make your life a happier place and your phone a cooler device. Try to wake up to the sounds of acoustic guitar songs, classical guitar music or Spanish guitar music and you will see that the day is a bit brighter. Don't let anything or anybody to interrupt your music therapy. Let these great guitar songs be your daily dose of good music! Install Guitar Songs and Music and guitar sounds of calming music will bring colors to your daily routine.
Guitar Songs and Music has been tested on HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy Note S3, LG G2 and Sony Xperia Z1S, among other phones. Compatible with Verizon, AT&T and all other providers. Please report any bugs to
Music used in Guitar Songs and Music is under Public Domain or Creative Commons license, credited in the app, where appropriate. For any questions or concerns regarding license, please contact us at